Capt. Amarinder Singh running Punjab like his family’s erstwhile feudal estate and that too by proxy – LoP Khaira

LoP Khaira in a statement released here today accused Capt. Amarinder Singh of running Punjab like a princely state, throwing to winds the constitution and norms of democracy.

Khaira alleged that Capt. Amarinder Singh is a Chief Minister in absentia, mostly holidaying with his foreign friends while Punjab is battling with burning issues like poisonous waters, rampant corruption, unstoppable menace of drugs, rising unemployment, unending suicides by farmers, broken down law and order etc.

Khaira said instead of tackling the above stated critical issues on a day to day basis, Capt. Amarinder Singh relies upon a small coterie of nominated politicians and his blue eyed officers read “babu’s”. Khaira said the latest example of Capt. Amarinder Singh’s complete ignorance can be gauged from his callous and casual approach towards widespread pollution in the rivers, further aggravating terminal diseases like cancer, hepatitis etc. in Punjab. Khaira said while Punjab was on the boil after the poisonous spill by Chadha distillery in river Beas recently, causing deaths of lacs of aquatic animals including fish, Capt. Amarinder Singh termed the issue as mere “nonsense”. Khaira said he was stunned to hear the CM’s reaction on electronic media couple of days back, when mediapersons quipped him about pollution in rivers, the CM had the audacity to call the matter of poisonous waters nothing but “nonsense”. Khaira said while there was huge hue and cry across Punjab over the burning issue of polluted waters, Capt. Amarinder Singh was busy holidaying with his foreign friends in the cozy locations of Manali.

Similarly Khaira said the CM was misusing the brute mandate of the people and the cabinet to flay the constitution and set wrong precedents, to benefit individuals belonging to his party rather than watching public interest.

Khaira outlined the two erroneous cabinet decisions wherein he gave undue benefits to individuals at the cost of public exchequer. He said the waiving of Rs. 84 lac penalty of Mrs. Rajinder Kaur Bhattal for her unauthorized stay in a government bungalow can never be justified, likewise he said the appointment of Beant Singh’s grandson as direct DSP Punjab Police, will never stand the scrutiny of law.

Khaira said emboldened by complete silence by his cabinet colleagues, Capt. Amarinder Singh is now heading to trash another decision of the Supreme Court, wherein the highest court of India has directed all Ex-CM’s to vacate government bungalows. But Capt. Amarinder Singh is now on the verge to appoint Mrs. Rajinder Kaur Bhattal as Vice Chairperson Planning Board, merely to allow her to retain the ministerial bungalow in Sector 2 Chandigarh, stated Khaira. This he said was nothing but challenging and trashing the authority of Supreme Court.

Khaira said he was equally alarmed to read news reports, that an Advisor who treats the Chief Minister has been told to handle the health department. Khaira said he has also learnt that the CM is keen to appoint few more of his henchmen as Advisors with cabinet ranks, merely to circumvent the constitutional ban of 15 percent Ministers.

Khaira also chided the Chief Minister for his non serious approach on the issue of austerity, in view the bankrupt treasury of the state. Khaira mocked the latest bill that Ministers will pay their own income tax as a joke, compared to the lofty expenditure being incurred on the army of Advisors and OSD’s of the CM, bestowed with huge salaries, perks etc., equivalent to Ministers.

Khaira said all these feudal actions of Capt. Amarinder Singh go on to show that he’s trying to run Punjab as his personal fiefdom or a family estate like his yesteryear ancestors, throwing to winds the laid down principles of democracy as enshrined in the constitution of India.

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