Haryana Government has formulated guidelines to establish Entrepreneurship Clubs (EC) within the existing placement cells in all the Government Engineering Colleges and Government

Chandigarh, June 12–

Haryana Government has formulated guidelines to establish Entrepreneurship Clubs (EC) within the existing placement cells in all the Government Engineering Colleges and Government, Government Society and Government Aided Polytechnics of the state to inculcate ‘Entrepreneurial Culture’ amongst its youth and equip them with skills to act as job creators instead of being job seekers in future. The key aim of the cell would be to foster entrepreneurship amongst the students of the state for generation of employment opportunities and creation of wealth.

While stating this here today, a spokesman of the Technical Education Department said that this would be a part of the Department’s drive to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the state. Through these ECs, the Department of Technical Education, envisions a society of self-motivated individuals’ kernelled with constructive and intense entrepreneurial drive leading to positive outcomes for the state. These Entrepreneurship Clubs would also facilitate campus-industry linkage on the higher education Institutes of the state.

He said that the key objectives of ECs would be to inculcate entrepreneurial culture and qualities amongst the stakeholders, sensitive innovation driven entrepreneurship scenario in the state, nurture the latent entrepreneurial talent, promote innovation and entrepreneurship on campus and develop awareness among its members of the attitudes, values, and skills of successful entrepreneurs around the globe.

The ECs would be a student-run initiative that engages and inspires students to explore the many paths towards becoming an entrepreneur. The students willing to join the EC would be enrolled as members. The ECs would act as small incubators located within the Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics, where students with innovative ideas can pursue entrepreneurial stints along with their studies. These would provide assistance in creating an easy mechanism for registration and application to access the benefits under the initiative. The Hub would be accessible to Startups, Incubators, Angel lnvestors, mentors, Government representatives and banks. The ECs would liaison with various central and state government agencies, industry associations for the implementation of schemes and policies. These would also set up coordination with Innovation and Incubation Centre setup at Government Polytechnic Manesar in collaboration with Maruti Suzuki and various Centers of Excellence (CoEs) at Polytechnics.

He said that it would promote and coordinate entrepreneurial activities in respective institutes and help the students to transform their ideas into enterprises along with their academic programmes. The EC’s would coordinate and conduct several programs and events throughout the year such as, speaker series, entrepreneurship modules, start-up, competitions and pitch days. At these ECs, a student can engage in various entrepreneurial related activities, including ideathons, hackathons, business modelling sessions, meet-the-mentor sessions and so on. The ECs would also organize Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes, Faculty Development Programmes and Skill Development Programmes in the colleges and polytechnics of the state. Apart from this, they would organize interactive sessions, workshops and debates with successful entrepreneurs from outside as well as within the State.

The spokesman said that the ECs would familiarize the youth to the latest developments in start-ups and facilitate interaction with promotional agencies, successful entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. It would guide and mentor innovative projects of student entrepreneurs every year and, guide and assist prospective student entrepreneurs on various aspects of start-ups such as preparing project reports, obtaining project approvals, loans and facilities from agencies of support system and information on technologies. The ECs would act as an Institute wide Information Centre on business opportunities, processes, technologies and market by creating and maintaining relevant data bases. It would provide support in creating awareness of national and state level government entrepreneurship schemes and programs among students. It would also support development of an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship among students especially in Tier2/3 cities.

He said that the ECs would support in integrated marketing communication to engage with startup community through media like social media channels, radio, newsletters, SMS and email. Apart from this, it would also support in hosting student startup events such as Hackathons and Student Startup fests. The ECs would also assist in hosting awareness campaigns in colleges and polytechnics, and various centres across the State to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. It would also provide assistance in organizing Startup focused events including workshops, awards, networking, pitching sessions within Startup community.

The EC would include one dynamic and competitive faculty coordinator, one training and placement officer, two faculty members from various disciplines and five students to be nominated by the Head of the Institution concerned.

The spokesman said that the ECs would develop and maintain a pool of domain specialists willing to serve as mentors, advisors and business counselors for students. These mentors and business counselors would be selected based upon their repute and potential to leverage the student’s commercialization potential. The EC will follow up with mentors on a routine basis to stay abreast of the students’ performance and progress. Feedback mechanisms would be put in place to ensure that mentorship is providing the desired value to the students, he added.

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